heartstrings kids

Songwriting W o r k s h o p

The Heartstrings Project Songwriting Workshop: Our mission is to provide the safest of spaces for each individual to access their full potential within the power of music. Through popular songs, singing, counting games, pitch recognition, lyric writing, guitar chord progressions & most importantly storytelling we will join forces & write songs! Each student will receive their own songwriting doodlebook; the perfect place to express privately their emotional state through words, drawings, whatever helps them to tap into the depths of the music. As a collective we will work on unpacking the original material & try to bring it to life by creating a band! 



Concert S e r i e s 

Our Mission is to inspire a sense of peace and community in our wonderbabes and parents alike, with an epic neo-folk concert featuring original material by The Heartstrings Project.

During our cozy songwriter concert series we will journey together to a music festival each week! So hop on our tour bus, don’t forget your backstage passes, and we’ll see you on the road! 

Birthday H a n g s

From our full folk band of hippie string actor musician circus clowns to our Peter, Paul, and Mary trio to the vulnerable sounds of the Luke & Marina duo to even a single acoustic set we got you covered! We would love to kick off another beautiful year with you. Hit us up and we promise to tune all the heartstrings. <3

Private S E S S I O N S

Songwriting (Luke & Marina)

Guitar, Uke, Drums & Cello (Luke)

Vocals (Marina) 

Mindfulness & Yoga (Elias)

(In person & Skype Sessions)

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